[racket] The performance of fannkuch-redux

From: Haiwei Zhou (highfly22 at gmail.com)
Date: Fri Feb 22 04:51:50 EST 2013


  I wrote a simple script for fannkuch redux.

  The result of this script is about 10 minutes in my i7 machine, which is
better than Python, lua and ruby. Is the result expected? Do I miss

  I have tried to use unsafe op. That may reduces about 30 seconds.

  The optimizer couch complains the missed inline on the most time spent
functions - flip and flip-count. I tried to re-write the functions to
macros. But it doesn't change anything.

  I also tried to re-write in the typed/racket. It doesn't help either.

  Finally, I try to use future. There is not a blocking operation in the
future-visualizer. But it's twice slow than normal version. Maybe task
(each flip-count) is too trivial for this job.

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