[racket] values primitive blocks future execution

From: James Swaine (james.swaine at eecs.northwestern.edu)
Date: Thu Feb 21 17:11:43 EST 2013

I'm looking into this now, but there are a few modifications you can make
to eliminate some blocking calls, namely:

sph-list is a list, and you are using for/fold to iterate over the elements
in the list (inside a future). This is problematic for a number of reasons;
instead, you could convert it to a vector (or just change your definition
to use a vector) and change `ray-cast' accordingly:

(define (ray-cast x y object-list)
  (let ([view-ray (screen-ray x y)])
    (define closest-int (int-res #f 10000.0 null-point))
    (for ([i (in-range 0 (vector-length object-list))])
      (define obj (vector-ref object-list i))
      (set! closest-int (get-closer-res closest-int
                                        (hit-sphere3D view-ray obj))))

Also, there are two places where I think you may have forgotten to use
flonum primitives (on lines 99 and 100) -- just change `sqrt' to `flsqrt',
as you have done elsewhere in the code.

This doesn't eliminate all the blocking behavior, however -- I still see a
few `values' blocking calls, and allocation as well.  I'll spend some more
time looking through it and report back to you.


Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2013 00:03:28 +0300
> From: Dmitry Cherkassov <dcherkassov at gmail.com>
> To: users at racket-lang.org
> Subject: [racket] values primitive blocks future execution
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> Hi list.
> I've been doing a simple ray tracer[1] and decided to parallelize it using
> futures.
> I've tried to use flonums everywhere and added (in-range) to loops [3]
> (over x and y coordinates).
> The problem is that execution of future is blocked seriously.
> (apparently by the value primitive) [2]
> Are there any ideas why it doesn't work?
> I use racket v5.3.3.
> [1] Complete source code: http://pastebin.com/EGSzR1Tv
> [2] Future visualizer screenshot: http://ompldr.org/vaGpiaQ
>     Invoked via
>     (require future-visualizer)
>     (visualize-futures (run-no-render))
> [3] Source code for main loop:
> (define (render-scene-dummy object-list)
>   (let* ([f (future
>            (lambda ()
>              (for* ([x (in-range (/ screen-width 2))]
>                     [y (in-range screen-height)])
>                (let* ([ray-res (ray-cast x y object-list)]
>                       [pix-col (point-col (int-res-p ray-res))])
>                  #t))
>              ))])
>     (for* ([x (in-range (/ screen-width 2) screen-width)]
>            [y (in-range screen-height)])
>       (let* ([ray-res (ray-cast x y object-list)]
>              [pix-col (point-col (int-res-p ray-res))])
>         #t))
>     (touch f)))
> --
> With best regards,
> Dmitry
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