[racket] Build error on i586

From: Евгений Ростовцев (real.altlinux.org at gmail.com)
Date: Mon Feb 18 22:32:57 EST 2013

> I note that the `--enable-cgcdefault' is not usually a `configure' flag
> that you want, since it makes conservative collection the default,
> instead of precise collection. I don't think that's causes the problem
> with +nan.0s, but it's worth trying without.
> Also, the `--enable-backtrace' flag is unlikely to be worthwhile.
> That's for a memory-debugging mode, and it adds significant overhead.

OK, that's all right now. Thanks!

REAL aka Евгений Ростовцев, программист ЦНИТ КемГУ
ALT Linux team

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