[racket] multi-line strings in ISL?

From: Mitchell Wand (wand at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Sun Feb 17 17:43:55 EST 2013

Is there a good way to create multi-line strings in ISL?  For example,
instead of producing output in the form

 "(* 11
 "   22
 "   33
 "   44
 "   55)

[where here I've padded the strings out to 80 characters to force the
Racket printer to produce each string on a separate line.]

I'd like to have a program that produced the output

(* 11

preferably without quotations.  When I put things like #\n #\newline or #\r
in the middle of a string, ISL prints them out like #\n, #\newline, or #\r.

Any ideas?  What have I overlooked?

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