[racket] naming structs that are members of other structs

From: Danny Yoo (dyoo at hashcollision.org)
Date: Wed Feb 13 13:23:10 EST 2013

> I just figured that there is a thing in Racket coding style
> that bothers me from time to time. That thing have never arised
> in C-style languages.

Hi Dmitry,

I do run into this in C style languages too with regards to function
names.  I can't have two functions named helper(), because one will
conflict with the other.  In C, specifically, I have to add some
prefix at the beginning of public functions as a kludge to avoid

Most languages, though, will allow some kind of explicit namespacing
mechanism to let these compose and avoid the name conflicts.  In
Racket, modules can be used as a namespacing mechanism.

Would you be able to put the structures in separate modules, and
namespace them using prefixes?  For example:

#lang racket

(module VehicleState racket/base
  (provide (all-defined-out))
  (struct vehicle-state
    (position velocity)))

(module Vehicle racket/base
  (provide (all-defined-out))
  (struct vehicle (state color model)))

(require (prefix-in vs: (submod "." VehicleState))
         (prefix-in v: (submod "." Vehicle)))

(eq? vs:vehicle-state v:vehicle-state)

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