[racket] sxml behavior: is this a bug?

From: John Clements (clements at brinckerhoff.org)
Date: Wed Feb 13 01:48:47 EST 2013

The sxml package has some strange behavior on DAGs. Before I go and try to fix it (or at least put a warning in the docs), I want to make sure it's a bug. 

The problem is that when a given node appears multiple times in an SXML document--that is, the eq?-same pointer--, calling sxml:modify to delete those nodes only deletes *some* of those instances.

#lang racket 
(require sxml)
(define zombie-node '(zombie))
(define t3 
    (a ,zombie-node
    (b ,zombie-node
(check-equal? ((sxml:modify '("//zombie" delete)) t3)
             `(*TOP* (body (a) (b))))

;; FAILS: produces (*TOP* (body (a (zombie)) (b (zombie)))) ... that is, half the zombies didn't die.

I claim the "most disgusting workaround of the week" award for my TeX-like solution of just calling sxml:modify again and again to get rid of them all... 

Anyhow, can any of the distinguished programmers familiar with this code confirm that this is not the desired behavior?


p.s.: sorry for the double-posting to three of you; my earlier message was sent with a bad From:, and got bounced from users.
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