[racket] Package fails to compile during 'make in-place' but not 'raco pkg install'

From: Matthew Flatt (mflatt at cs.utah.edu)
Date: Fri Dec 20 12:42:57 EST 2013

Dependency checking is currently implemented in a non-scalable way, so
it only runs in global setup modes. Running `make in-place` ends with a
global setup. When you install a package, in contrast, only the
package's collections are set up (roughly), and dependency checking
doesn't happen.

The package is compiling in either case, but a post-compile check only
happens and triggers and error in one of the modes.

It looks like the "opengl" package is missing a dependency declaration
--- and that's probably because the author listed dependencies while
the libraries provided by "base" were still in flux, but they won't
change anymore.

At Thu, 19 Dec 2013 13:59:21 -0500, Spencer Florence wrote:
> When I attempt to run a 'make in-place' on the head of the racket repo with
> the package 'opengl' installed, the make fails with this error:
> raco setup: found undeclared dependency:
> raco setup:   mode: run
> raco setup:   for package: "opengl"
> raco setup:   on package: "srfi-lite-lib"
> raco setup:   dependent source:
> /Applications/Racket/racket/share/pkgs/opengl/opengl/compiled/readspec_rkt.zo
> raco setup:   used module: (lib "srfi/13.rkt")
> raco setup: --- summary of missing dependencies ---
> raco setup: undeclared dependency detected
> raco setup:   for package: "opengl"
> raco setup:   on package:
> raco setup:    "srfi-lite-lib"
> make[1]: *** [plain-in-place] Error 1
> make: *** [in-place] Error 2
> but if i remove the opengl package via 'raco pkg remove opengl', run 'make
> in-place' and reinstall via 'raco pkg install opengl', I get no errors.
> Anyone know why/how to fix?
> --Spencer
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