[racket] raco pkg new (was: Learning Scribble)

From: John Clements (clements at brinckerhoff.org)
Date: Sat Dec 14 18:04:56 EST 2013

On Dec 14, 2013, at 7:09 AM, Greg Hendershott wrote:

>>>> I'd also be perfectly happy with `raco new <projectname>` w/ a boilerplate
>>>> project w/ a module, tests, and doco stubbed out.
>>> `raco pkg new` (or `raco pkg init`).
>>> A `raco pkg git-new` and a `raco pkg github-new` that do all the boring
>>> stuff for you may also be quite convenient, if such things are possible.
>> I didn't respond to this thread originally because I believe that
>> Racket is generally "anti-stubbing". The concept of a "racket project"
>> basically doesn't exist, because everything is supposed to be "inside"
>> the language. ...
> Yeah I was starting to type a similar post when I saw yours arrive.
> I think it's kind of a "language smell" when people need to use tools
> to create projects. I like that Racket doesn't need this. I worry
> adding it would give the wrong idea.
> On the other hand I empathize with confusion re how to configure
> Scribble-based documentation. Also the new package manager isn't hard,
> but it's easier to work from examples. Also there are conventions like
> a main.rkt that merely re-provides, and so on, that aren't obvious
> when you begin with Racket.
> One half-formed idea: It would be neat if there were a couple repos on
> GitHub that are stubs for projects.  Although people _could_ `git
> clone` them (and there's your new-project tool), that's not really the
> main point.  Instead the point is to show just how little "plumbing"
> is required:
> - main.rkt
> - info.rkt with a few incantations
> - optionally a .scrbl -- plus makefile or .sh to example of the magic
> flags to give `scribble` to generate the .html(s)
> - optionally a .travis.yml if you're into that
> (and the usual non-Racket-specific things like .gitignore, README, etc.)
> I think such repos almost already exist, in the case of some very
> simple packages by very experienced Racket devs. But maybe people
> don't know where to find them. So what I'm suggesting (I think) is
> that the official `plt` account on GitHub add one or two of these stub
> repos, and the docs link to that?

+1, I've thought of this myself. 

Lessee... I nominate... your markdown package! Looks like about the right amount of code, with an easily understandable purpose, and it has travis integration and package dependencies as well. No scribble?


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