[racket] Suggested material for learning Racket and PL topics?

From: Greg Hendershott (greghendershott at gmail.com)
Date: Thu Aug 29 14:08:30 EDT 2013

I have a few suggestions, that go beyond books:

1. After a certain point I found it helpful to read a lot of other
people's real-world Racket code. This helped me learn about various
idioms, tactics, and styles. Some I've adopted, some not, but either
way good to know about.

The source for Racket itself can be great, although some of it is
quite old and therefore more Scheme-ish than Rackety. Not necessarily
how it would be written from scratch, today. So also I'd suggest
GitHub repos of relatively recent projects from core Racket devs. A
few examples (in no particular order):


Some of these are a reasonable size and focus that you can jump in and
get your bearings pretty quickly.

Also see who they follow on GitHub, or what they've starred, and
you'll discover more -- including some I probably forgot to include
here (sorry!!).

2. racket/unstable is an interesting collection of code. Just because
it wasn't accepted into Racket "officially" doesn't mean it's not
useful to learn from or even use. (A few times I've implemented
something myself, only to discover it later in racket/unstable -- and
done in a better way than occurred to me.)  It can also be interesting
to wonder why it's in unstable.

3. There are a few blogs that cover Racket and are active recently. I
think all of them are rolled up under the Planet Scheme feed and web


4. Stack Overflow questions tagged Racket can have a low signal:noise
ratio. Especially around academic calendar milestones. What a strange
coincidence. However there can be some great questions and answers:


On Wed, Aug 28, 2013 at 5:33 PM, Nick Shelley <nickmshelley at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm interested in learning more about Racket, macros, programming languages,
> and anything else that will make me a better programmer. The problem is,
> there is so much material out there that I'd appreciate help in prioritizing
> what to do first.
> As a background, I understand that using Racket is one of the best ways to
> get better at it, and I already try to do that. I use Racket whenever
> possible at work and in personal projects. However, I also want to augment
> practice with principle by reading the great materials available and doing
> the exercises.
> I'm somewhat familiar with parts of Racket, I've gone through most of HtDP
> (both 1e and 2e), gone through about half of Land of Lisp (haven't started
> Realm of Racket yet), and I've started into a few chapters of other
> materials such as PLAI (v1), SICP, and onLisp. I also have on my list to
> read Designing Programs with Class.
> Can anyone tell me what they've found most useful and point me to materials
> that I'm not yet aware of?
> Thanks.
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