[racket] Worried about the new package manager not storing each version of a package

From: Neil Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Wed Aug 28 17:50:01 EDT 2013

Lawrence Woodman wrote at 08/28/2013 04:51 PM:
> While bringing my concerns to the mailing list and responding to other
> peoples responses I had this nagging feeling that I was missing 
> something.
> I can see from the core devs that individually and collectively you 
> have a
> lot of experience to draw upon.  After reading through some of the 
> messages
> on the dev list around the linked post, I feel a lot more satisfied 
> that if the
> potential problems that I have expressed appear, then a solution will 
> be found.

I think you were right to wonder, and it's great that you spoke up and 
asked, rather than quietly running away.

I think that the focus right now is on breaking up the DrRacket code 
base into packages.  That centralized and monolithic code base might be 
where the core team has the most expertise.

After DrRacket, I think more attention will have to be given to 
supporting an ecology of small third-party reusable components, and I 
suspect that there will be substantial changes to the package system as 
a result.  Matthew, et al., have come through many times in the past, so 
I'm just waiting, and using (the imperfect) PLaneT for now.

Neil V.

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