[racket] Worried about the new package manager not storing each version of a package

From: Lawrence Woodman (lwoodman at vlifesystems.com)
Date: Mon Aug 26 14:17:40 EDT 2013

On 26/08/13 10:32, Jens Axel Søgaard wrote:
> > One easy improvement, when using github, is to allow/ensure package 
> owners point to a
> > specific release/tag .zip file and not worry about the checksum as 
> nothing is going to
> > change until a new release/tag is specified.
> It is not as easy as it seems. Let's say I write module A which uses 
> specific versions of packages B and C.
> Packages B and C both use package D. Here is the twist: package B is 
> written to use the latest version of
> package D and C uses version 42.
> Now package D is updated. The checksums of B and C do not change, but 
> the behavior of B might.

I understand the scenario that you are explaining and it illustrates a 
further problem: If two packages rely on the api
of different checksumed packages, one is going to lose out under the new 
package manager as they will both
have to use the same release of a package, which may have a different 
and incompatible api to that expected.

My proposal to point to a specific release is actually a moot point as I 
noticed from Jay McCarthy's reply that this
can be done and indeed I had forgotten that this was mentioned in the 
docs.  I have now updated the source
for my package xdgbasedir to point to the latest tag that I wanted to 


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