[racket] Racket in computational science?

From: Konrad Hinsen (konrad.hinsen at fastmail.net)
Date: Sat Aug 17 06:36:31 EDT 2013

Neil Toronto writes:

 > Anyway, the math library came about because I was sitting on a pile of 
 > code I thought I should share. When I announced it, people asked for 
 > arrays, so I added them, and Jens Axel volunteered number theory and 
 > linear algebra functions.

Sounds fine. But "... so I added them" sounds like it was a minor task
which I don't quite believe ;-)

 > You may not be seeing much code that uses the math library because it's 
 > still young. Also, using arrays from untyped Racket code is (currently) 
 > a bad idea if you care about performance. Everything else should be 
 > fast, typed or otherwise - in particular, the floating-point and big 
 > integer functions should be As Fast As C. The number theory and matrix 

Interesting. I hope I will find the time to test this for myself.

 > I would love to see more computational science libraries in Racket. Are 
 > you planning to write one? :)

Hard to say at this time. If I end up using Racket for something
serious, then I expect to publish it. But for now I am at the level of
exploring Racket.


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