[racket] Peekable asynchronous channel?

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Mon Aug 12 16:11:14 EDT 2013

An easy way to get around such things is to add a level of
indirection: wrap the original channel in another one where you
implement your own peeking.

10 minutes ago, Jonathan Schuster wrote:
> I discussed this with Vincent and Asumu today in person. Here are
> some of the results of our conversation:
> What I really want is a function like
> "async-channel-non-empty-event" that returns an event that's ready
> for synchronization when async-channel-get would not block (but the
> event does not consume a message). The predicate
> async-channel-empty? could also be useful for similar reasons.
> The naive implementation of a peek event doesn't work because of the
> following use case: On some thread (call it thread 1), the thread
> syncs on a peek event and gets the peeked value. Thread 1 decides it
> likes the value and attempts to pull it from the channel. However,
> at the same time another thread (thread 2) pulls out that value, so
> thread 1 ends up with a different value, which it doesn't know how
> to process. That use case needs a more complicated API that handles
> more of the thread synchronization. My own work doesn't involve this
> use case, though.
> For now, I'm going to write something to act like a channel with a
> non-empty event, but do people think async-channel-non-empty and
> async-channel-get would be useful to have in Racket proper? If not,
> would there be interest in providing that functionality as a
> package?

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