[racket] How to document a package and access its documentation

From: Lawrence Woodman (lwoodman at vlifesystems.com)
Date: Mon Aug 12 02:48:38 EDT 2013


I'm a little confused with regard to how to document packages and 
within them, and how to access that documentation when installing a package.

I have been working on a package:

Which has the repository hosted on github:

When the package above was on PLaneT I could easily create scribblings 
for it,
point to them from the info.rkt and view those rendered docs on-line.
However, with the package system, even though I have kept the info.rkt and
scribblings under the collection, I can't see a straightforward way of 
that rendered documentation.  I'm also finding that when raco setup is being
called as part of the installation of a package that it is complaining 
that info.rkt has
no info for scribblings, but the package management metadata doesn't say 
that the
manager uses the scribblings def.

So I have a few questions:
     i. Should I put a scribblings entry in the package's info.rkt?
     ii. If I do put a scribblings entry in the package's info.rkt, how 
should I separate
        the documentation between the package and the collection? i.e. 
        I have a scribblings entry for each collection's info.rkt and 
one for the package's
        as well?
     iii. How can I access the rendered documentation, without having to 
         navigate to the directory the package was installed in and find 
the doc/


Lawrence Woodman

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