[racket] Cleaner way to work with gzipped data?

From: JP Verkamp (racket at jverkamp.com)
Date: Mon Aug 5 16:29:06 EDT 2013

Is there a nice / idiomatic way to work with gzipped data in a streaming
manner (to avoid loading the rather large files into memory at once). So
far as I can tell, my code isn't doing that. It hangs for a while on the
call to gunzip-through-ports, long enough to uncompress the entire file,
then reads are pretty quick afterwords.

Here's what I have thus far:

#lang racket

(require file/gunzip)

(define-values (pipe-from pipe-to) (make-pipe))
(with-input-from-file "test.rkt.gz"
  (lambda ()
    (gunzip-through-ports (current-input-port) pipe-to)
    (for ([line (in-lines pipe-from)])
      (displayln line))))

As an additional problem, that code doesn't actually work. in-lines seems
to be waiting for an eof-object? that gunzip-through-ports isn't sending.
Am I missing something? It ends up just hanging after reading and printing
the file.

Ultimately, a with-input-from-gzipped-file would be nice (especially with
an output partner). I could easily write a function to do that though just
so long as I can get second problem working.
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