[racket] Racket forward compatability

From: Danny Yoo (dyoo at hashcollision.org)
Date: Mon Apr 29 14:33:20 EDT 2013

>> I have found that regexp functions are too slow for large data files but
>> maybe newer versions have made a change that would speed things up.  (I read
>> something about some solution from github but I am not sure that is
>> something I should look into.)  I'd rather just install a new version of
>> Racket at an appropriate stage, namely when my current project development
>> has concluded.  My current work around is a call to an external program
>> which provides the regexp function at the speed needed.
> You might want to post an example of how you're trying to use regexps in
> Racket, in case anyone has time to look at it and comment.

Hi Don,

Yes, +1 on this; it might be that your use case is something that
points out an issue with Racket's regexps, or maybe not.  It would be
good if we could distill what's going on here.  Can you describe your
project's use of the regexps in more detail?

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