[racket] Thanks for being awesome

From: Sean McBeth (sean.mcbeth at gmail.com)
Date: Mon Apr 29 13:44:26 EDT 2013

Dear Racketeers,

I'm starting a project in earnest in Racket and spent about an hour last
night getting some baseline stuff set up. Most of that time was spent
figuring out how to get Postgres running, having been experienced in
setting up only SQL Server and MySQL.

A very bare minimum amount of time was spent typing "(require (planet
ryanc/db))" into the top of my file, entering the very few configuration
settings, and having immediate access to my database. It was such a
pleasure to setup in comparison to the many and vast DB connection
libraries for other, lesser programming languages I've used over the last
10 years.

And this was only the latest in other, similarly awesome discoveries within
Racket. My mind was absolutely blown the other day when I saw that
threading could be as simple as wrapping a call to (thread) around my
procedure. Or that there was this amazing Racket to Javascript translator
that Just Worked, unlike some other languages that claim to have the same
thing but shall not be mentioned (*cough*Clojure*cough*). Or the simplicity
and power of the math library. Or that it wasn't just the trendy Web stuff
that you guys cared about, that there was tons of other code for plenty of
other uses, without just punting out to a foreign-function interface all
the time, unlike some other languages that have already been mentioned
through throat-clearing-maneuvers. Or that it setup on all of my
machines--Windows, Linux, and OS X--exactly the same without any extra
effort, unlike... well, you get the point.

Anyway, thanks for being so awesome. Racket is awesome, PLaneT is awesome,
the community is awesome, and it all comes together in one amazingly
coherent and awesome package. And that's awesome.

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