[racket] Scribble: cgi generated images

From: Eduardo Costa (edu500ac at gmail.com)
Date: Sat Apr 20 19:00:40 EDT 2013

I need to use scribble to present cgi generated chemical and mathematical
equations. I mean, the figures will be generated on demand; they don't
exist when I compile the program. According to the principle of least
astonishment, I tried something like that:

#lang scribble/base



When I tried to compile the program, I got an error message:

~/wrk/scb$ scribble simple.scb
 [Output to simple.html]
copy-file: cannot open source file
  source path: /home/rosa/wrk/scb/http:/strues.org/cgi-bin/tex.cgi?\sqrt{2}
  destination path: /home/rosa/wrk/scb/tex.cgi?\sqrt{2}
  system error: No such file or directory; errno=2

It seems that Scribble wants a ready made image on the path offered to
@image{...}. Is there a way around?
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