[racket] Windows to Ubuntu quirk

From: Patrick King (slowthought at gmail.com)
Date: Thu Apr 18 21:14:05 EDT 2013

I have broken free of Bill Gates' shackles, as I have threatened to do for
so long, installing Ubuntu alongside Windows
with fairly minimal drama.

However, when I copied and pasted my existing source code tree over to the
Linux side, code like this...

#lang racket/base
; Source/Project/Private/file-a.rkt

; We export a function
(provide f)

(define (f x) (* x x))
; eof

#lang racket/base
; Source/Project/Private/file-b.rkt

; import and use a function

(require "file-a.rkt")

(f 2)
; eof

... leads to errors like this...

/usr/racket/collects/mred/private/snipfile.rkt:324:2: open-input-file:
cannot open input file
  path: /home/pking/Source/Project/private/file-a.rkt
  system error: No such file or directory; errno=2

Note that "Private" has been changed to "private". This only happens within
the cut-and-pasted code. The
example above works exactly as expected.

Are anyone aware of any Windows/Linux file system quirks that account for
this behaviour, and how best to fix it?

TIA, Pat
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