[racket] Running into severe scaling issues with plt-web-server

From: Danny Yoo (dyoo at hashcollision.org)
Date: Wed Apr 10 18:21:47 EDT 2013

Hi Jay,

Followup: for now, it looks like we're just that we're being hammered
hard enough that the web server has no choice but to starts sending
503 responses.  Memory usage appears bounded, despite what I had
thought earlier.  I'll add additional server instances to host
wescheme.org's compiler servers and follow up with observations.

What is the current behavior of the system with regards to how it
handles a barrage of requests?  I took a look at:


which describes what one might do to apply limits to the web server.
However, I can not find documentation that states what the default
rate-limiting behavior is when using serve/servlet.

Would you be amendable to adding a #:max-waiting keyword argument to
serve/servlet to override the default backlog of 40 waiters?  The
other calls into the web server provide a #:max-waiting parameter, and
I'm not sure I understand why it's absent from serve/servlet.

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