[racket] using Python to pipe data through Racket

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Wed Apr 10 07:35:13 EDT 2013

8 hours ago, Matthew Butterick wrote:
> New Racket user, first list question.
> I'm using scribble/text as a preprocessor language for a system
> mostly written in Python.
> What's the best way to process an arbitrary chunk of scribble/text
> data, using Racket, from within a Python script?
> Right now I'm making a temp file that begins "#lang scribble/text"
> and using os.popen to feed the temp file to racket. Works, but seems
> like the wrong idiom.

I'm not sure what exactly you're trying to do, but instead of using
the file in "text mode" which is what you get with "#lang
scribble/text", you can make it produce the text explicitly with
something like:

     #lang at-exp racket/base
     (require scribble/text)
     (output @list{
       ... same text as before ...

and now you can wrap this to grab the output in a string.  But if your
goal is to just have Racket do the preprocessing, then generating the
temporary code is as good as anything.

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