[racket] Planet2 questions

From: Matthias Felleisen (matthias at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Tue Apr 9 10:11:26 EDT 2013

On Apr 8, 2013, at 6:03 PM, Berthold Bäuml <berthold.baeuml at dlr.de> wrote:

> Another interesting model for package management (even including, e.g.,  how to check out and commit packages during development) has emerged over the last years in our field of research with the open source ROS (robot operating system) from Willow Garage http://www.ros.org/wiki/Packages .
> Currently we are in the middle of writing up a package model we distilled from insights we got from studying the planet, planet2, debian and ROS packaging system. Looking forward to discussions with you.

Please do share your insights with the dev or user list. It is quickly becoming clear that we will need more than planet2. The question I will pose is whether planet2 can serve as a foundation for implementing whatever you come up with -- Matthias

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