[racket] Semaphore obscurities

From: Norman Gray (norman at astro.gla.ac.uk)
Date: Thu Sep 27 04:43:27 EDT 2012

Tobias, hello.

On 27 Sep 2012, at 09:37, Tobias Hammer <tobias.hammer at dlr.de> wrote:

> According to [1] this is the expected behavior. There is stated that
> "When a “rest argument” is declared after optional arguments, arguments
> in an application are first consumed by the optional-argument positions,
> so the rest argument is non-empty only when more arguments
> are provided that the total number of required and optional
> arguments."

Aha -- that certainly makes sense.  I suppose the real problem here -- if indeed there is one -- is that there's a 'folk grammar' of expressions like this, acquired by observation from man pages and RFCs and the like, which it's probably hard to override in any document.  So no bug there.

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