[racket] Delete Second

From: Danny Yoo (dyoo at hashcollision.org)
Date: Mon Sep 17 12:36:33 EDT 2012

> 2. Write a procedure (delete-second1 LS) that takes a list LS of at
> least two items and returns the same list only with the second item
> deleted. You may assume the input list has at least two elements.
> Tests:
> (delete-second1 '(3 7))  ==>  (3)
> (delete-second1 '(a b c d))  ==>  (a c d)

Ok.  Here are questions that come to mind:

* Did you do this second problem yet?

* How is delete-second2 similar to delete-second1?

* How is delete-second2 different from delete-second1?

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