[racket] speeding up db.plt loading

From: Danny Yoo (dyoo at hashcollision.org)
Date: Sun Sep 2 18:31:39 EDT 2012

> if i raco my program and run the executable i can get results within 1s,
> but running the program through racket can sometimes take nearly 5s
> before i see the same results. if i don't load db.plt i get responses
> instantly (but of course i have no access to the db).

Hi Prad,

I want to follow up on this particular issue: it's very possible that
this particular PLaneT package was not properly compiled upon

It's very easy to have PLaneT packages half-installed by accident, and
the result is insidious: the packages will load, but they will take a
long time to do so!

If you don't mind, can you try doing the following?  Can you use the
'raco make' command on your previous executable?  'raco make' is the
command I use to compile my programs so that they load faster at
runtime.  (See: http://docs.racket-lang.org/raco/make.html for more

If the PLaneT package hasn't been compiled, using 'raco make' on your
program should be enough to force the PLaneT package to compile.

See if using 'raco make' first on your program speeds up its load-time.

Good luck!

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