[racket] Keyboard key state

From: Danny Yoo (dyoo at hashcollision.org)
Date: Mon Oct 15 10:42:11 EDT 2012

> Is there a way to get the state map of the keyboard, i.e., to know if some
> key is pressed or released, independently of any key-event?
> Also, is there a way to know if the num-lock, caps-lock and scroll-lock
> states are on or off?

Hi Laurent,

Sorry; I could not find it so far.  I was hoping the keymap% object,


would provide this information.  Let me look at its source: it must
have some low-level implementation that can inspect keyboard state...
ok, there appears to be something there, but it's platform dependent
and currently only internally accessible.

Can you keep track of your own state map of the keyboard?  The window%
receives events, and we can do something like the following to keep
track of what's being held:

#lang racket/base
(require racket/gui/base

(struct keyboard-state (alt-down? shift-down? control-down? meta-down?
  #:inspector (make-inspector))

;; Try to record the state of the keymap by watching on-subwindow-char
(define (capturing-keystate window%)
  (class window%
    (define alt-down? #f)
    (define shift-down? #f)
    (define control-down? #f)
    (define meta-down? #f)
    (define caps-down? #f)

    (define keys-down (make-hash))

    (define/public (get-keyboard-state)
      (keyboard-state alt-down? shift-down? control-down? meta-down?
caps-down? keys-down))

    ;; Monitor each event, and keep track in our own personal keymap.
    (define/override (on-subwindow-char receiver key-event)
      (define keycode (send key-event get-key-code))
        [(eq? keycode 'release)
         (define released-key (send key-event get-key-release-code))
         (hash-remove! keys-down released-key)]
         (hash-set! keys-down keycode #t)])
      (set! alt-down? (send key-event get-alt-down))
      (set! caps-down? (send key-event get-caps-down))
      (set! control-down? (send key-event get-control-down))
      (set! meta-down? (send key-event get-meta-down))
      (set! shift-down? (send key-event get-shift-down)))))

(define (test)
  (define myframe (new (capturing-keystate frame%)
                       [label "Testing"]
                       [width 500]
                       [height 500]))
  (define textarea (new text%))
  (define canvas (new editor-canvas% [parent myframe] [editor textarea]))
  (send myframe show #t)
  (thread (lambda ()
            (let loop ()
              (send textarea begin-edit-sequence)
              (send textarea erase)
              (send textarea insert (pretty-format (send myframe
              (send textarea end-edit-sequence)
              (sleep 0.1)

Hope this helps!

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