[racket] "raco setup -c my-collect" takes a long time

From: Laurent (laurent.orseau at gmail.com)
Date: Thu Nov 29 12:51:30 EST 2012

That could probably be useful in general, but now it's less necessary to me.
Actually, that would still be useful for me too, because from time to time
I have some dependency problem, although I do `raco setup' both collections
(x11-racket then rwind) before running it:

link: module mismatch;
 possibly, bytecode file needs re-compile because dependencies changed
  importing module: "/media/sda7/laurent/Unison/Prog/Racket/rwind/color.rkt"
  exporting module:
  exporting phase level: 0
  internal explanation: variable not provided (directly or indirectly and
at the expected position)
  in: DefaultScreen
   /media/sda7/laurent/Unison/Prog/Racket/rwind/color.rkt: [running body]
   /media/sda7/laurent/Unison/Prog/Racket/rwind/rwind.rkt: [traversing

Recompiling again raises the same error, and I need to remove the compiled
directories by hand to force recompilation.

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