[racket] "raco setup -c my-collect" takes a long time

From: Matthew Flatt (mflatt at cs.utah.edu)
Date: Thu Nov 29 07:22:58 EST 2012

`raco setup -c' is intended to reset a whole installation, and so it
doesn't adapt well to having a collection specified.

Can you explain more why you need `raco setup -c my-collect' instead of
just `raco setup my-collect'?

At Thu, 29 Nov 2012 09:35:01 +0100, Laurent wrote:
> Hi,
> Doing
> $ raco setup -c my-collect
> takes about 30s to "bootstrap from source", and it does that for each such
> invocation.
> Is it possible to reduce this time? It makes "raco setup -c" almost
> unusable.
> Laurent
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