[racket] Web-Server: dispatch rules and urls generated with embed/url

From: Helmut Dobretzberger (h.dobretzberger at gmx.at)
Date: Wed Nov 28 18:13:01 EST 2012


I have a problem with the behaviour of embed/url in combination of using
pretty urls:

when the current page is http://localhost:8080, and I generate a URL with
embed/url, the result is something like "/;((...)). That's fine.
If I have pretty url with dispatch, like
http://localhost:8080/search/foobar, and I generate at this page a url, then
the result is something like "/search/foobar;((...))

Why is the "search/foobar" - Part included in the continuation-url? That's
really ugly, because if you click on other generated links, like
delete-search-entry or so, it will start with

It is easy to avoid this, e.g. using string-split on the result of
embed/url, but I am interested if there is a reason for that behaviour of


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