[racket] Using make-provide-transformer

From: Sam Vervaeck (vervaeck.sam at skynet.be)
Date: Fri Nov 23 15:55:05 EST 2012



I have a question relating to syntax-transformers.


I'm trying to implement my own provide-syntax using
make-provide-transformer. The documentation says that it should be possible
to use syntax-local-lift-expression to dynamically insert new variables into
the module and then export them (see link below), but I really don't seem to
get it working. A somewhat trivial example:


(define-syntax one-two-three


    (lambda (stx modes)

      (list (make-export (syntax-lift-expression #'1) 'one #f #f stx)

              (make-export (syntax-lift-expression #'2) 'two #f #f stx) 

              (make-export (syntax-lift-expression #'3) 'three #f #f


(povide (one-two-three))


Could you by any chance provide me with an example of how the two procedures
can be used to achieve this?





PS: I'm referring to paragraph two of

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