[racket] bracket conversion?

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Fri Nov 23 03:52:02 EST 2012

Yesterday, Eric Tanter wrote:
> That sounds like a great option "from the quick hacks dept" as you
> say ;)
> Anyway, I was wondering whether that wouldn't be something that
> makes sense for DrRacket to have at some point. Just like you can
> configure default spacing for specific keywords.

Soemthing that I have said about this in the past: I think that
formatting code is too individual to have a one-size-fit-all tool, so
you can't do something practical.  If you try to, then you're likely
to fall into the Emacs trap where indentation etc have a huge number
of customization option, to the point that most plain users never use

Instead, I think that it is much more effective to do a tool that
*recommends* changes rather than do them.  Maybe some kind of a "style

I have some code (which I posted in the past, IIRC) that checks style
problems in code and reports them -- something like that could be
turned into such a tool.  Something that would work very nicely IMO is
a tool that works like a spell checker, where you see the
recommendations one by one, and for each one you can ignore it, ignore
all of the problems of the same rule, or let it fix it.  (Ideally,
you'd also have some "that's how I want my code" option, so that when
I use it in my own style of `if'-indentation I can say that this is
how all of my `if's should be indented...)

[And BTW, this is not only for paren shapes and indentation -- I use
it for other things like (if E #f #t) or (if E1 E2 #f), where it
prints a comment that says that you should use (not E) and (and E1 E2)

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