[racket] Scheme's place in the world

From: Patrick Li (patrickli.2001 at gmail.com)
Date: Thu Nov 22 01:13:54 EST 2012

I am writing a compiler in Scheme. And it is an extremely pleasant language
to writing a compiler in.

There are also very few Scheme compilers that are *not* written in Scheme.


On Wed, Nov 21, 2012 at 7:35 PM, Hugh Aguilar <hughaguilar96 at yahoo.com>wrote:

> Are there any other compilers written in Scheme? From what I've learned
> about Scheme so far, it seems like a pretty good language for writing a
> compiler. The books that I've read on compiler-writing assume C or Pascal
> (or Java for ANTLR) --- but I haven't seen any using Scheme or Lisp. Of
> course, Scheme/Lisp have always been used for writing a DSL inside of a
> program (as Dmitry is doing in Racket, and has often been done in Forth),
> but what I'm referring to here is cross-compiling to a processor target ---
> not just putting a syntax-layer on top of an existing Scheme system.
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