[racket] 80-bit precision in Racket

From: Dmitry Pavlov (dpavlov at ipa.nw.ru)
Date: Thu Nov 15 14:54:35 EST 2012


> (/ 10 6)
> 1 2/3
> (/ 10 6)
> 1.66667

> These are important distinctions for numerical programmers however.

Racket also has type-specific fl/ and unsafe-fl/, which we
use extensively in our type-specific part of code.

>> Our project is a large program, which has its own DSL
> The original purpose of Forth was that it could be made into a DSL (a
> domain-specific-language, although that term didn't exist in the 1970s when
> Forth was invented). I wasn't suggesting a dual-language solution, but just
> to use Forth for both the numerical stuff and the DSL stuff.

I see your point, and I have nothing against Forth per se,
and rewriting the whole thing in Forth could be an
interesting research, but well, sometimes we need
to deliver programs in time.

BTW, links to http://www.forth.org/novice.html
and http://www.taygeta.com/ do not work. I will
keep them in mind, though--I would like to look
at them.

> P.S. for Dmitry --- What country are you in? There is a Forth/Lisp user's
> group in Germany that you might be interested in, if you are there.

I am from Russia -- you could guess from my email :)

Best regards,


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