[racket] Prevent racket From Closing

From: Nathan Campos (nathanpc at dreamintech.net)
Date: Sun Nov 11 20:39:53 EST 2012

I'm having some fun with tcp-listen with Racket, here's the simple start
server function that I'm using:

#lang racket

 (define start-server
(lambda ([port 8080])
  (current-custodian server-custodian)
; Caps at 50 connections at the same time
(define listener (tcp-listen port 50 #t))
(define (loop)
  (accept-and-handle listener)
(define t (thread loop))
(lambda ()
  (kill-thread t)
  (tcp-close listener))
  (fprintf (current-output-port) "Server started listening at ~a" port)))

It was running great on DrRacket, but when I tried to run it under racket
(the command-line executable) it shows the sever started message and quits,
so the server doesn't keep running. Is there anyway to make racket wait
until it's process gets killed or the user types something?

Best Regards,
Nathan Campos
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