[racket] TR vs. R - Conflicting def of module path

From: Ray Racine (ray.racine at gmail.com)
Date: Sat Nov 10 15:24:55 EST 2012

Consider in R
#lang racket


(module-path? (quote-module-path))

So a Path type satisfies the module-path? predicate in R.

In TR abbrev.rkt
(define -Module-Path (Un -Symbol -String
                         (-lst* (-val 'quote) -Symbol)
                         (-lst* (-val 'lib) -String)
                         (-lst* (-val 'file) -String)
                         (-pair (-val 'planet)
                          (Un (-lst* -Symbol)
                              (-lst* -String)
                              (-lst* -String (-lst* -String -String #:tail
(make-Listof (Un -Nat (-lst* (Un -Nat (one-of/c '= '+ '-)) -Nat)))))))))

The TR definition of -Module-Path does not allow for a -Path.

TR `Module-Path' is not equivalent to R `module-path?'.  They should agree,
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