[racket] regression in raco exe or raco distribute in 5.3.1 ?

From: Neil Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Fri Nov 9 21:23:14 EST 2012

My app, built using "raco exe" and "raco distribute", works in 5.3 but 
not 5.3.1.

With a clean build under 5.3.1, invoking the app binary gives the error:

standard-module-name-resolver: collection not found
   collection: "racket/match"
   in collection directories:
    #%embedded:g6830:mime-types: [running body]
    #%embedded:g6537:servlet-env: [traversing imports]
    #%embedded:g6514:serve: [traversing imports]
    #%embedded:g5856:dispatch: [traversing imports]
    #%mzc:rackout: [traversing imports]

However, clean build under 5.3 works fine.

Running the code as "racket -t myfile.rkt" works fine in both versions.

Or, rather than cause being in raco exe/distribute, I guess it could be 
in some trickery of "web-server".

Neil V.

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