[racket] Standard recipe for Racket based services and HTML5/Javascript UI webapps?

From: Neil Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Tue Nov 6 23:48:16 EST 2012

Technical analysis Web apps using PostgreSQL and SCGI library (this is 
from before Racket Web Server) work well. Lately I have had good success 
using Racket's standard PostgreSQL support, after using proprietary 
interfaces before.  Internal research tools Web apps (e.g., corpus 
annotating and some analysis) using Racket Web Server (with 
continuations) also worked well, and every time our needs changed, 
implementing was very rapid.  Also now using Racket server (without 
continuations) for RackOut appliance, serving mobile app to just 
1-to-few people smartphones/pads in living room.  For client-side, I'm a 
fan of the jQuery family of packages, including some of the contrib 
ones.  JSON is a good way to go, and I've used it in all those apps; 
I've also had to use XML a lot, but XML standards tend to be bad, 
especially it comes to RPC, and ad hoc in JSON is easier.  
Java/.NET/etc. programmers who are overly committed to conception of how 
things should be done should just stick to Java; success with Racket 
still requires sharpness and imagination, IMHO.

Neil V.

Grant Rettke wrote at 11/06/2012 11:14 PM:
> Hi,
> At work we are sort of settling on building web applications with 
> HTML5/Javascript client-side UI's backed by services. Java, .NET, and 
> Python are obvious candidates. It makes me curious about what the 
> Racket stack would look like, I mean what is the defacto:
> * database
> * database library or ORM
> * web server
> * app server
> * service approach and data interchange format like JSON
> * client side libraries
> Defacto means you have done it once and were pretty happy with it, too :).
> Grant

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