[racket] DSL for multi-dimensional datasets?

From: Simon Haines (simon.haines at con-amalgamate.net)
Date: Tue Nov 6 18:21:35 EST 2012

Thanks Asumu for these links. Although the code in the paper is confusing
because I'm not familiar with R, it has given me a good insight: datasets
need to be described as dimensions and variables. I think the library
presented in the paper conflates the structure of the data as read (in a
csv file, say) with the logical structure of the dataset as a whole. (I may
be wrong on this point, but that is my reading.) I think these concepts
should be separated and similarly the the structure of a report is separate
However, having given it a little thought after reading the paper, I think
there's a good way forward by describing datasets as dimensions and
variables, and then incorporating relational algebra primitives,
particularly σ, π and G (group by). I'll brush up on the Codd model and see
if that gives me any further insights.
Thanks again,

On 6 November 2012 15:32, Asumu Takikawa <asumu at ccs.neu.edu> wrote:

> On 2012-11-06 15:22:49 +1100, Simon Haines wrote:
> >    As part of my work, I frequently have to 'shape' multi-dimensional
> >    datasets. This is reasonably easy to do in Racket and I'm thinking
> >    about pulling together some of the functions I use into a library.
> >    Before I do this though, I was wondering if there is any similar work
> I
> >    can build upon, or perhaps use to guide me.
> >
> >    [...]
> >
> >    I haven't worked out the details yet, and I'm not sure the above will
> >    work the way I want it to. But I've had a quick look at Microsoft's
> >    Scientific DataSet ([1]http://sds.codeplex.com/), but it lacks the
> >    composability I'm used to with Racket. Is anyone aware of any similar
> >    work that does this, or that I could use as a guide?
> I don't know about Racket, but have you seen the 'reshape' library in R?
> It's very flexible and is probably one of the state of the art designs
> in this space.
> Here's a journal article describing its design:
>   http://www.jstatsoft.org/v21/i12/paper
> and its website:
>   http://had.co.nz/reshape/
> Cheers,
> Asumu
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