[racket] Racket vs Scheme, macros and new syntax

From: Scott Klarenbach (scott at pointyhat.ca)
Date: Sun Nov 4 14:31:04 EST 2012

Do racket macros have more advanced functionality than those found in
Scheme or Common Lisp?  I suspect so, especially regarding modules,
namespaces and scoping, etc, but I'd appreciate a simple rundown of what
Racket macros can do that other lisps can not, if anything.

Additionally, Scheme/CL also expose the reader layer to the developer, and
using this, is it not also possible in those lisps to create entirely new
languages (not s-expr macros), such as Scribble?

In other words, Is Racket simply a philosophy/convention of language
oriented programming with convenient syntactic wrappers to this end, or
does it more fundamentally extend Scheme to do things technically *impossible
*in that language?

Thanks a lot.

Talk to you soon,

Scott Klarenbach

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