[racket] Weird bug/feature with require, raco links, and xinit

From: Laurent (laurent.orseau at gmail.com)
Date: Fri Nov 2 10:14:20 EDT 2012

Thank you Eli, that clarifies most of it!

> I think
> that the rule of thumb to avoid such problems (besides the obvious one
> of not using symlinks etc) is to always use string requires for
> linking modules within a single collection/package/whatever, and
> always use symbolic requires to refer to other collections.

That's what I was doing at first, with the difference that the file b.rkt
was actually in some user's directory, and was required dynamically by
a.rkt. So it seemed logical (at first sight) to have b.rkt use symbols.
Looks like I'll need to use symbols everywhere.

> There can still be a problem though, since you did the linking with
> raco link so there shouldn't be any path issues, so it might be worth
> it to find out the source of the problem, still.  To do debug such
> things, you can run `env | sort' in your usual shell and in your
> xinitrc, then look for the cause of the difference.

Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately it was not fruitful: with nearly
identical envs (except for display, gdmsession, gnome_desktop_session_id,
hush_login, mail, _, windowid and windowpath, and the xdg_session_cookie),
the behavior is still the same.

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