[racket] ranking of search results in documentation search

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Tue May 29 07:46:06 EDT 2012

On December 27th 2010, Greg Hendershott wrote:
> Even with excellent ranking there will be times you need to scan
> more than 20. I think that's acceptable, let's just take away a pain
> point.
> "Showing 1-20 of N matches" can be a little annoying. "Peephole" UI,
> looking at results in chunks of 20: Down, over, down, over.  Instead
> I'd prefer one list: Down, down, down.
> I understand searching on "a" can give 13,000+ results, so there
> needs to be some limit, but I'd prefer much bigger than 20. Like say
> 200 or more. Especially if you're accessing it file:, but even via
> http:.

This would be easy to play with: click the [!] and you get a dialog
with preferences.

Initially, the navigation ">>"s used to only at the bottom so I was
concerned to keep a size that fits vertically on most screens.  Now,
the only thing that needs to move for this is the context link.  Any
suggestions?  (Note that it can get verbose -- to see an example,
click it, then click "racket/base bindings".)

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