[racket] Using scribble as a shim for latex

From: Prabhakar Ragde (plragde at uwaterloo.ca)
Date: Mon May 14 12:25:57 EDT 2012

Ian wrote:

> Anyway, I now find myself wanting use the listings package to write
> some pseudocode with mathescape (thus, verbatim is not good enough).
> I cannot use the identity trick for the lstlisting environment for
> whatever reason. It causes pdflatex to explode.

I've been using Scribble on top of LaTeX/Beamer for course slides. I 
spent some time trying to get the listings package to work without too 
much effort, and gave up. It's very sensitive, as LaTeX code can be. My 
sense is that it would require some work down at the rendering level in 
Scribble/Racket (or, worse, some LaTeX macro hacking), but I'd love to 
be proven wrong.

Those of us who are interested in using Scribble in this fashion should 
maybe try to figure out some way to coordinate efforts and share tips. --PR

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