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From: Quentin Rinaldi (quentind2 at gmail.com)
Date: Sun May 13 15:48:13 EDT 2012

Thank you !! Yes, now it's better... but i'm not sure to understand the
"library" concept...

On my project, I have 3 files :

projet_class.rkt : all class are defined here (porte% etc...)
it starts with (provide (all-defined-out))

projet_definitions.rkt : most of all definitions I use in
projet_interface.rkt are defined here
it also starts with (provide (all-defined-out))

projet_interface.rkt :all the interface, buttons, canvas etc...  the main
it starts with (require "projet_definitions.rkt" "project_class.rkt")

But... where is my "library" ? Because if I write (defmod
"projet_class.rkt"), it works (porte% is recognized in my doc), but it
doesn't work for my definitions (defproc ...)  (which are originally
defined in project_definitions.rkt).
So, where do I have to mention "project_definitions.rkt" ?

And just one more question :

If I write this : @racket[porte%] it works (I have a link with the
definition of the class porte%)
But if I write the same but with a method of porte% "get-val-out" :
@racket[get-val-out] it doesn't work (it's not a link) whereas get-val-out
is recognized as a method of porte% (I mean, in his definition it's a real
link, in blue).  Can I fix that ?

Thanks for your help !
Quentin Rinaldi
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