[racket] Scribble Warning / "on this page"

From: Quentin Rinaldi (quentind2 at gmail.com)
Date: Sun May 13 11:39:15 EDT 2012


I'm writing a Scheme project documentation with Scribble, and I have this
error :

WARNING: no declared exporting libraries for definition

I've understood that I should write something like "declare-exporting ..."
but I don't understand why... I don't need to export anything, all my
documentation is written on the same page !

My page is like that :

#lang scribble/manual

@(require (for-label racket))



@(defclass porte% object% {and% or% not% nand%}
   @(defconstructor ((x number?)
                     (y number?)
                     (val-out any/c #f)
                     (co-out any/c #f)
                     (name (or/c string? #f))))
   @(defmethod (get-x) (x number?) "...")
   @(defmethod (get-y) (y number?) "..."))

then i have some @(defproc ...)

And I have 2 questions : How do I make a tag in a defproc ? I mean, if I
define a  procedure with defproc, how do I make a hyperlink somewhere else
? I know how to make it for a section (put a tag in the section, then
seclink{tag} but i don't know how to do with a defproc...
And then, how do we make an "on this page" as in the documentation racket ?
i've read the documentation severals times, but unless a headache I didn't
get anything...

Thank you !
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