[racket] `def' ?

From: Greg Hendershott (greghendershott at gmail.com)
Date: Thu May 10 20:26:57 EDT 2012

;; Instead of needing to write...

(define a 1)
(define b 2)
(define c 3)

;; ...it would be clean to write...

(def a 1
     b 2
     c 3)

;; ...which is even cleaner than the `let' that `define' replaces.

;; Plus, having it act like `match-define' would be handy:

(def a 1
     b 2
     (list x y) '(1 2)
     (list _ hi world) (regexp-match #px"(.+)\\s+(.+)"
                                     "Hello, world."))

Sprit being, take the motivation from the style guide for preferring
the new `define' over `let', and run it just a few steps further.

But, just a small idea.

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