[racket] Snips displaying pdfs

From: Jens Axel (jensaxelsoegaard at gmail.com)
Date: Tue May 8 09:48:24 EDT 2012

Den 08/05/2012 kl. 15.31 skrev Michael W <mwilber at uccs.edu>:

> Hm. What I meant was, is there a way to do that without
> rasterization? I intended to use this for rendering posters,
> where a 3MB 2000dpi image is less desirable than a few
> line-drawing commands. It would be lovely to be able to rotate
> and scale PDFs with slidehsow/pict without converting them to
> bitmaps first, but doing so in a portable way.
> Maybe it's best to provide both ways? Making a pdf-page->bitmap%
> function with the kosher bitmap% get-handle way, and a
> render-pdf-to-dc! function. I'll investigate this.

Oooh. I didn't have the fantasy to imagine that one could render without rasterization. 

Converting them to non-bitmap snips/picts would indeed be a nice thing. 

/Jens Axel

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