[racket] Wikipedia article update

From: Matthias Felleisen (matthias at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Thu May 3 10:11:25 EDT 2012

On May 3, 2012, at 1:29 AM, John Clements wrote:

> "The earliest Lisp macros took the form of FEXPRs, function-like operators whose inputs were not the values computed by the arguments but rather the syntactic forms of the arguments, and whose output were syntactic fragments to be used in place of the FEXPR's use. In later Lisps, FEXPRs were replaced by DEFMACRO, a system that allowed programmers to specify source-to-source transformations that were applied before the program is run."

I have accepted these two sentences as facts for the last 28 years so if you find out that they are wrong, please let us know in which way. 

-- Matthias

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