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Date: Sat Mar 24 01:50:51 EDT 2012

of the users list, which looked fine when I tested it.

> Gunzip goes through the motions and overwrites the 2012-June.txt.gz
> file, creating file: 2012-June.txt.

It shouldn't overwrite it -- it should instead create an uncompressed
2012-June.txt file and only after that was done successfully, it
should remove the gzipped file.

> When a text editor attempts to open this file, the file appears to
> have codes that prevent it from being interpretted correctly.

When I tested it, I also looked for non-ascii characters, and there
are none.  (Assuming the same file.)  It sounds like you had either
some problem in the download on in your gzip version.

> I am able to successfully create a new text file, compress it with
> gzip to create a .gz file, then gunzip it to decompress it, and open
> it with a text editor. 
> Something is different between the text files I create and the
> archived Racket text files.  I suspected that the problem might be
> that the Racket text files had end of line characters appropriate
> for Windows, not Linux,

No, it should have all LF line endings.

> however I tried opening the file with Word Processor,
> with different each of the end of line options in turn.  Each time
> the file appears to have some non-ascii characters.  Thanks.

In case your gzip is indeed broken somehow, note that you can get the
uncompressed files from the server too, for example, the uncompressed
version of

is the same URL without the ".gz" suffix.

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