[racket] DrRacket 5.2.1 keeps crashing after start on Mac OS X Lion

From: Guido Rößling (guido at tk.informatik.tu-darmstadt.de)
Date: Mon Mar 26 16:01:06 EDT 2012


since today, and for no reason I can discern, DrRacket (5.2.1) keeps crashing when I try to run it under Mac OS X Lion (10.7.3). Here is what I see when I try to run it from the Terminal:

s0627:Racket v5.2.1 roessling$ ./DrRacket.app/Contents/MacOS/DrRacket 
read-bitmap: expects type <path-string or input-port> as 1st argument, given: '#(#<procedure:draw-honu> 270 270); other arguments were: 'unknown/alpha #f #t

 === context ===
/Applications/Development/Racket v5.2.1/collects/racket/draw/private/bitmap.rkt:841:0: read-bitmap
/Applications/Development/Racket v5.2.1/collects/drracket/private/drracket-normal.rkt: [running body]
/Applications/Development/Racket v5.2.1/collects/drracket/drracket.rkt: [running body]

Dumping the software and re-installing it, either in the 32 bit or the 64 bit version, has not helped so far. Since we use DrRacket in our CS 1 course, which will start in two weeks, some advice would be welcome!

Best regards,


Dr. Guido Rößling
guido at informatik.tu-darmstadt.de

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