[racket] racket and libcURL

From: Yvan Godin (yvan.godin at gmail.com)
Date: Wed Mar 21 14:49:04 EDT 2012

I don't see a PLaneT package for libcurl. It looks like a tidy little
project, and I'm *really* tempted to take a crack at it, but my wife would
kill me :).

> Someone familiar with the FFI interface could hack together a single-use
> set of bindings in (less than?) an hour.

yes this is probably true but I am not (yet) familiar with FFI.

In fact I am hesitating between try to connect libssh (better than curl)
myself  witch seem more complicated ... or use Clojure with
https://github.com/hugoduncan/clj-ssh for my current needs.

thank's for your answer

> Covering the "easy" interface, or some approximation thereof, would
> probably be three or four hours. Doing the whole thing would probably be
> about 15. Maintaining the package once written would take probably about an
> hour a month.
> John
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